Harry Potter Summary

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Non-Combat Spells

Reparo - The Fixing Spell, fixes objects.

Lumos - The Light Spell, provides a narrow beam of bright light. Very handy.

Nox - The spell that extinguishes the light from Lumos.

Reducto - The Reductor Curse, blasts apart solid objects, turning them into dust.

Confringo - Blasts apart objects into nonbeing.

Expecto Patronum - The spell used for fighting off a dementor. A dementor is a faceless creature that glides over land and sucks the hope and happiness out of a place, replacing it with despair and hopelessness. To conjure a corporeal Patronus, you have to think of the happiest thought you can. Very few grown wizards can pruduce a corporeal Patronus.

Wingardium Leviosa - The Lifting Spell, used for lifting objects and moving them around while they're in the air.

Accio - The spell used for pulling objects towards you.

Depulso - The spell used for pushing abjects away from you.

Combat Spells

Expelliarmus - The Disarming Spell, used for disarming an opponent.

Stupefy -The Stunning Spell, used for knocking an opponent unconsious.

Petrificus Totalus - The Freezing Spell, used for making your opponents as rigid as boards.

Rictusempra - The Tickling Charm, used for making your opponent be tickled severely.

Tarantallegra - The spell used for making your opponents legs go into a frenzied tap dance.

Levicorpus - an invented spell, used for dangling you opponent upside down by one of his ankles. It is a nonverbal spell.

Liberacorpus - Used for releasing someone from the Levicorpus spell. Also nonverbal.